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Moon Child
Fanfiction by the Moon Child Grand Pooh-Bah
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24th-Dec-2020 02:32 am - A View of Mallepa
Fanfiction by The Moon Child Grand Pooh-Bah

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Banner by _metamorphic

Although this journal is not strictly friends only, the stories available only to friends may contain adult content that should not be viewed if you are A. not an adult and B. uncomfortable with or disapprove of homosexuality.

The list that follows is in chronological order by the year the story takes place, beginning in 2015 Mallepa.

  1. Somber Youth
  2. Sick Day
  3. The Right Way
  4. Diet
  5. Just What You Wanted
  6. Seek
  7. Rainy Evenings
  8. Now is Forever
  9. Biology and the Undead
  10. Long Awaited
  11. Advent
  12. Taken Aback
  13. The Five O'Clock Rush*
  14. Interrupting Words
  15. Bakemono
  16. Nightmare
  17. Given Willingly
  18. Sunshower
  19. Musings
  20. Reasurring Lies
  21. Eyes Like Yours
  22. Mirage
  23. Should I Fall
  24. Cry For Yesterday*
  25. Lately I Just Can't
  26. Red String

--Just What You Wanted, Taken Aback, The Five O'Clock Rush, and Given Willingly illustrated by mitsuchan.
--Should I Fall illustrated by merart.

* Unfinished
14th-Nov-2015 07:34 pm - Sunshower
They stood underneath the eaves, protected from the rain.

It was coming down in a steady downpour but the sunlight was still unusually bright. It gave the world of concrete buildings a sense of ethereality. Was this what some called a sunshower? He thought he saw a rainbow flash in the air occasionally.

Read more...Collapse )
14th-Jun-2008 01:24 am - Going it Alone
Apprehensive Young Sho
Title: Going it Alone
Setting: Mallepa, 2015
Theme: #19 - Humility
Rating: PG-13 for violence, mention of prostitution
Summary: Kei has to rescue Sho when Sho tries to handle things on his own.
Author's Notes: This is an uchikake. This is a naga-juban. Proofed by mitsuchan and uranus_sama. Thanks for the encouragement. ♥

Kei kicked in the old-fashioned sliding door in just in time to see Sho, clad in a short wig and several layers of ornate kimono, twist free from a tall man’s grasp.Collapse )
5th-Jun-2008 01:17 am - Awake
Title: Awake
Setting: Mallepa, 2016
Theme: 30_ways #7 - Good Morning
Rating: G
Summary: Kei wakes up before Sho does.
Author's Notes: I don't like how it's such a similar set-up to "'In Bed...'" but this is a writing challenge and I'm actually kinda struggling so far so I'm doing what I can.

It was not, in fact, a heavy blanket thrown across his chest but rather a heavy arm instead.Collapse )
5th-Jun-2008 01:16 am - Last Minute Vacation
Bike Ride
Title: Last Minute Vacation
Setting: Mallepa, 2019
Theme: 30_ways Theme #6 - Vacation
Rating: G
Summary: A while after playing around at the beach with Toshi, Son, and Yi-Che, this time Sho insists he and Kei return there by themselves.

Thankfully they survived the drive out to the beach once again, although Sho still tensed up like a gambler with his savings on the line.Collapse )
12th-May-2008 01:29 pm - "...In Bed"
Bike Ride
Title: ...In Bed
Rating: PG for language
Setting: Mallepa, 2022-2023
Summary: It turns out Sho is not a morning person.
Theme: 30_ways Challenge #17 - Five More Minutes
Author's Notes: I use the word "smushed," which feels wrong to me as a writer, but nothing else captures the image I'm looking for quite as well. X3; The title is a reference to a joke played with fortune cookies and to Sho's lovably juvenile attitude.

He thought it would have been easier after a couple of weeks but waking up in the morning still felt about as appealing as discussing his sex life with his brother, so Sho had once again attempted to murder his alarm clock...Collapse )
12th-Oct-2007 02:05 pm - Omake: "Broccoli" Writing Prompt
Omake: Broccoli writing prompt
From twhitesakura: "I remember seeing an interesting [challenge] somewhere about broccoli and how a character from one fandom would go about explaining it to another. Since I can’t find the original, I’ll just roll with whatever."

Kei would tease Sho for idly chasing the broccoli around the plastic tray to make it look like he was eating when he really wasn't.Collapse )
6th-Jul-2007 09:12 pm - Now is Forever
Title: Now is Forever
Setting: Mallepa, 2021
Rating: PG for language
Summary: Roof top banter in the middle of the night.
Author's Notes: Written over February and March 2006. Inspired by Coldplay's Amsterdam, Yellow, and the Moon Child test scene, among other things.

They both chuckled. Kei inhaled the last of his cigarette and somehow managed not to choke as Sho touched his wrist as though making sure he had not disappeared.Collapse )
7th-Mar-2007 01:17 pm - Lately I Just Can't
Title: Lately I Just Can't
Rating: PG-13 for mentions of sensuality, violence
Setting: Hong Kong, 2037 (post showdown with Son)
Author's Notes: Born of gray days and these songs (please download!). Nothing more than a "drabble."
Summary: Sho, alone with his thoughts.

In bed I was half dead/ Tired of dreaming of restCollapse )
24th-Apr-2006 10:45 pm - One Last Goodnight
Title: One Last Goodnight
Author: Just me.
Setting: Mallepa, 2035
Rating: G
Author's Notes: I wrote this some time in April 2005 on a slow Saturday at work. For the past year I've pretty much focused entirely on adolescent Sho but really, he's just as wonderful to explore as an adult. It's just harder, because he's so much more brood-y.
Summary: A few nights before the showdown between Sho, Son, and Chan's gang.

He couldn't decide if he wanted her last memories of 'Baba' to be happy ones or if it would be less painful for her not to remember him at all.Collapse )
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